“We all need a place where we can spend time in a safe and nurturing environment that supports healing, where we can find meaning in our struggles and restore harmony in our lives.”
Marg Hombsch and Toni Livingstone

We are Holistic Psychotherapists having studied at the Metavision Institute in Bowral.  We work in a way that supports the inherent strength and wisdom of the client, while taking into account the environment and with the intention of seeing the whole person rather than their pathology.  

Throughout our learning journey we have recognised the importance and interconnectedness of physical, emotional and mental health. We have expanded our qualifications to include human health and have completed Phion advanced practitioner training, which includes cellular health scanning technology. This provides an essential understanding in the optimal function of all body systems; plus protocols for supporting health and wellbeing naturally.

The Healing Room Tamworth was born out of a deep desire to bring a new way of working for both the client and us as therapists.  We have developed a method of co-facilitating each session, which ensures safety, support, and an ability to hold a sacred space for what is to unfold.


The Healing Room Tamworth provides a safe, confidential and nurturing space that supports healing through a non-judgemental approach.  This allows exploration of concerns that are causing distress and are impacting general wellbeing and thriving.  Finding meaning in the struggles enables balance to be restored in every day life.

In our counselling sessions we embrace a holistic approach addressing the multi-dimensional aspects of the human being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, which allows the freedom to live more fully into one’s potential.

At the Healing Room Tamworth we view health through a holistic lens and good health is possible when you understand how your body functions. The human body is a self-regulating, self-healing system and therefore degenerative disease is closely connected to deficiencies in nutrition, poor lifestyle, emotional stress and loss of contact with the natural environment.