The Healing Room Tamworth offers a range of services including personal counselling for individuals and couples. Personal Counselling is a confidential service designed for people wanting to talk about their personal life issues in a safe and confidential setting. The issues people may want to talk about vary but can include:

•                Relationships
•                Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression
•                Grief and loss
•                Work related stress
•                Dealing with Life changes
•                Unresolved trauma
•                Personal Development and Growth
•                Self Esteem
•                Managing addictions



Structured Water has a unique arrangement of molecules that makes it biologically active, negatively charged and life affirming. Modern urban water storage systems, where water sits and is not flowing and vortexing, is positively charged, unstructured and has a decaying life force. Water is bioavailable only in its structured form to support hydration, digestion, absorption,
assimilation, detoxing and elimination. Nutrients cannot work or reach their full potential in these metabolic pathways without the presence of structured water. Therefore, Structured Water is the foundation and essence of life.

Phion has designed water restructuring devices for bottle tops (portable), and in-line devices for under-sink, shower, whole house system, industrial and agricultural uses. These
Phión inline devices require no maintenance and will perform indefinitely. The devices are unique to the market and have been awarded 4 Australian Innovation Patents.


As Phion practitioners we provide a Cellular Health Scan that gives a comprehensive overview of all body systems identifying which areas are out of balance and contributing to your lack of health. We provide an alternative conversation around health and the tools to address issues based on nutrient dense food, quality water, positive lifestyle and a life-affirming environment.

We monitor your progress over six monthly periods
and compare the results to gauge progress. This scan is simple, non-invasive and done from the comfort of your chair.

Removal of toxins, releasing emotional blockages and integrating lifestyle balance are some of the tools offered as options for your choice of treatment to help the body heal itself. We also have access to a range of Phion products which support the body in this process.

Phion products are based on natural elements, detailed research, product testing and quality control. Understanding the role of nutrition and microbial balancing from the soil to the gut inspired the development of the Phion range of products.
All products are natural and non-toxic and have been designed to provide cell nutrition and optimize the ability of the body to restore its own equilibrium.